Circling Round the Gentle Giant

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Album Information:
Title: Circling Round the Gentle Giant
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 1981
Type: official release
compilation album

About the Album

This is a vinyl, Italian compilation on the Chrysalis label (ZNLC 33166) featuring tracks from:

Although the album has a Chrysalis logo, it also has the logo of a (probably) Italian company, LINEATRE, and also says "Manufactured and distributed by RCA S.P.A. Rome Italy."

Rikhardur H. Fridriksson writes:

The cover notes (as far as I can read the Italian) start by quoting an interview with Derek from 1980, where he is explaning the group's longevity and discussing future projects (yes, it sounds funny now, doesn't it): "We are ... a group of musicians that [I don't understand half a sentence] have this image. We want to eat, breathe, and live as Gentle Giant. We are entering a new decade in a really optimistic state of mind."

The cover art shows the band members in a subway station, "Belsize Park."

Track List

  1. Just The Same
  2. His Last Voyage
  3. Empty City
  4. Interview
  5. I Lost My Head
  6. Excerpts From Octopus (mislabeled as "Octopus: Boys in the Sand")