Kerry Minnear

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Name: Kerry Minnear
Born: January 2, 1948, in Salisbury, England
In band: 1970 - 1980
Instruments: Lead vocals, keyboards, cello, vibes, xylophone, recorder, guitar, bass, drums

Kerry Minnear, a conservatory-trained classical musician, was one of the compositional forces behind Gentle Giant. His use of counterpoint and medieval motives largely gave Gentle Giant its distinctive sound. Kerry is also well known for his ethereal voice, his vibes solos, and of course his keyboard and cello playing.

After Gentle Giant

Kerry and his wife Lesley live in the Midlands (England). They run Alucard Music, which handles the legal and royalty-related issues of Gentle Giant's music today. Musically, I've heard he has worked on some solo projects and also some computer games, thanks to his connections with Ray Shulman, below.

His son, Samuel, has done a remix of "I Really Don't Know & I Really Don't Care" which was one of Kerry's demo songs from 1984. The remix, though, is apparently just for private use of the Minnear family. Kerry's daughter, Sally, plays the cello, the white one from the Giant days.

During 2009, Kerry was a member of Three Friends.