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Unburied Treasure is a CD boxed set of Gentle Giant music and memorabilia from Madfish Records, a label of Snapper Music. It is a limited edition of 2000 copies and includes all 12 original albums, many discs of live recordings, a coffee table-sized book of memorabilia, and more.


The initial pressing of Unburied Treasure is expected to sell out by the end of 2019. These sales generated the following note "from the band's distributors" on 2019-12-19:

"Due to an unprecedented demand for ‘Unburied Treasure’, the pressing will be sold out within the week. Given the universally positive reviews and comments from customers it is clear that there are many fans who might now struggle to find a copy, or face the prospect of buying in secondary markets at hugely inflated prices. Madfish has therefore resolved, after discussions with the band, to generate a final run of one thousand copies, identical to the first pressing, including the photograph individually signed by the band members, and available at the same price. These will be available to ship in April 2020, and can be pre-ordered now. Madfish hopes that this move will please fans, and can be contacted via madfishmusic.com by any customers with queries or concerns."

Unboxing video

Watch the band open the very first copy!

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