Recording sources for Playing the Fool and Unburied Treasure

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The tracks for Playing the Fool: The Official Live came from four different concerts played between September 23 and October 7, 1976. Recordings from these concerts also appear, newly mixed, on Unburied Treasure. The following table illustrates the source of each recording on these two albums. (Thanks to Dan Bornemark for the original table, which was redrawn for this website.)


Cell Meaning
PtF & UT Track appears on Playing the Fool and (remixed) on Unburied Treasure
UT Track appears (remixed) on Unburied Treasure
  The track no longer exists on multitrack tape anywhere

Table of track sources

Track Düsseldorf München Brussels Paris
Just the Same PtF & UT UT
Proclamation PtF & UT UT
On Reflection PtF & UT UT
In'terview UT UT
The Runaway UT UT PtF & UT
Experience UT UT PtF & UT
So Sincere UT UT PtF & UT
Octopus UT UT PtF & UT
Funny Ways PtF & UT UT
Timing UT UT UT
violin solo UT UT UT
Free Hand UT PtF & UT UT
Peel the Paint UT UT PtF & UT
I Lost My Head UT UT PtF & UT