Totally Out of the Woods

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Album Information:
Title: Totally Out of the Woods
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2000
Type: official release
live recording

About the Album

This 2CD set contains all of the original (and out-of-print) Out of the Woods plus an additional session from 28 August 1973 (Way Of Life, The Advent Of Panurge, and The Runaway). It also contains a live demo version of Free Hand. In all, there is 20 minutes of previously unreleased material when compared to Out of the Woods.

The cover concept is by well-known GG fan and tape resurrector Dan Bornemark.

The album has been released on HUX Records (HUX 018).

Track List

CD 1:

  1. City Hermit
  2. Isn't It Quiet And Cold?
  3. DJ's Presentation (voice of Alan Black)
  4. The Advent Of Panurge
  5. Way Of Life
  6. The Runaway

CD 2:

  1. Knots (Excerpts From Octopus)
  2. The Boys In The Band (Excerpts From Octopus)
  3. Organ Bridge (Excerpts From Octopus)
  4. The Advent Of Panurge (Excerpts From Octopus)
  5. Way Of Life
  6. Proclamation
  7. Experience
  8. Aspirations
  9. Cogs in Cogs
  10. Free Hand (live arrangement-demo)
  11. Just The Same
  12. Free Hand
  13. On Reflection