Thank You (Giant Tracks)

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Thank You is a song on the tribute album Giant Tracks.

  • Artist: Glen Burg
  • Position: CD 2, track 6
  • Time: 5:30
  • Original album: Giant for a Day


  • Recorded at: Studio 922, LaFrance Residence, University of Moncton, NB, Canada, on a TASCAM 8-Track Portastudio
  • Mixed at: Studio CKJM, Cheticamp, NS, Canada

The inside story

Recording began on this track in September 1995. I had just purchased the Giant for a Day album (the black sheep of the entire GG discography, in the eyes of many a fan) the night before my first contact with this tribute project. I'd been recording demos with a rented 8-track TASCAM Portastudio machine for a week now (mostly my own songs), and was in one of my creative moods. For some strange reason, as soon as I heard Thank You, I picked up my bass guitar and started playing along, my pattern being somewhat different from Ray's. By the time I'd played the song three times, I'd pretty much figured out my own pattern, to which I thought I might record a demo version of this song for my own interests. This was the only song on the album (as well as the four other GG albums I'd bought that day) with which I "jammed."

I promptly forgot about it until discovering Dan Barrett's Gentle Giant home page the next day, finding out about the tribute project, and thinking, "It's now or never." Swallowing my fear and pretending I was a musician of at least good repute ( S;^) ), I asked Dan if I could be included for a rendition of Thank You. I was floored when he accepted.

After recording, giving up in frustration, re-recording parts, postponing due to added frustration, etc. (a process through which I think most musicians/composers go through on a regular basis), I finally formed something that even surprised myself on some points. By the end of the track, if you listen closely, you can even hear a laugh of delight. After about five different mix-downs of the track, I finally dumped down to DAT in March 1996. Given the chance, I'd probably record it all over again. Why? I'm never satisfied. However, instead of overproducing the track (which I probably would do), it's probably best that I leave it as it is. There are many spectacular performances on this tribute album that sound dead-on and superb, therefore the laid-back feel of this track may be welcomed as a time to put your feet up and catch your breath before the next track blows you away. Or maybe not. Thank you.