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  • The breaking glass sounds at the beginning of the record comes from a BBC sound effects EP. (Thanks to "SFJSmith," whose drama group owned a set of these EPs.) Reportedly, some of these same sounds were used in the classic movie Citizen Kane, in the scene where Kane trashes Susan's bedroom. (Thanks to "Tomas.")
  • The 6/8 drumbeat in The Runaway was allegedly "borrowed" by John Weathers from a Buddy Rich song. (Thanks to Paul O'Neill, who heard this from John himself.)
  • In Experience, the vocal line from the beginning of the song becomes the bass line during the instrumental break where the instruments come in one at a time. The time signature there is interesting too: it's 9/8 for the first half of the song, but during the vocal it's phrased as a 5 and a 4, whereas at the instrumental break it's three 3's: a slip jig. (Thanks to Michael Bloom.)
  • Every instrument in An Inmates Lullaby is a percussion instrument. Every instrument in A Reunion, other than the electric piano, is a stringed instrument. (Thanks to Michael Bloom.)
  • The long organ fade-out in Way Of Life was originally supposed to segue into another song. (Thanks to Bill O'Reilly, who learned this from Ray Shulman.)
  • The person shouting "Go" in Way Of Life is Gary Green.
  • The final music on the album is a collage of song excerpts from the album.