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  • In Interview, the guitar solo during the bridge repeats twice, then after the main 6/8 theme comes back in, it repeats a third time, in the background, on organ. (Thanks to Eric Olsson.)
  • In Interview, there's a lot of whispering in the middle of the song. Can anybody figure out what is being said? Greg Hajik reports that some lines are taken from the verse: "Why do you ask?" "Surely you must know it!" "Gentle Giant." You can hear the lines clearly in the track "Interview Whispers" on Under Construction.
  • In the printed lyrics for Design is the line "Everything comes to those who wait" which is apparently not sung in the song; but if you listen to the next two lines, sung in rounds, when they have reached their densest overlaps, you can actually hear the line happen a word at a time across the different vocal lines, even though some the words from the first line don't even occur in the next two lines. Amazing! (Thanks to Joe Dean.)
  • Apparently, some of the unusual piano effects were achieved by sliding newspaper behind the strings of the piano, causing the sharp, punchy, rattly effect. (Thanks to Chris Elliott.)