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  • Listen to the little synthesizer riffs that occur between songs. They are note-for-note quotes from the guitar part on track 1, Giant, just after the line "The birth of a realization...." The rhythm has been modified, however. (Thanks to Johan Bryntesson.)
  • In the song Giant, around 2:11, there's a quiet melody played on low brass. That same melody, or one very much like it, appears in Intro 74 beginning around 1:42 on brass synthesizer. (Thanks to Tyler Darnell.)
  • The title Alucard is "Dracula" spelled backwards. (Thanks to Chad Bacho.) To match this, the vocals are processed through a reverse reverb. To accomplish this, Gentle Giant most likely sung the vocals onto tape, reversed them, played them through a reverb onto another tape, and reversed the tape again. The effect is that the reverb comes before the words and backwards.
  • At the very end of Isn't It Quiet And Cold?, after the instruments fade, a spacy whisper says the word "alone," recapping the lyrical theme of the song. It's very quiet and sounds like wind. (Thanks to Dave Didur.)
  • During the drum solo in Nothing At All, Kerry plays a quote from "Liebestraum No. 3" by Liszt on the piano. It begins around 5:48 and veers off into "jazzy cascades" at around 6:25. (Thanks to Greg Hajic and Adrian Doveral for identifying the piece.)
  • A guitar part in Why Not? sounds distinctly like the Jewish song "Hava Nagila," but according to Derek Shulman, "I think this was purely a coincidence."
  • The blues shuffle that closes Why Not? is very similar to the earlier one in Hometown Special. (Thanks to Eddie Scott.)
  • A listener reports a similarity between Why Not? and Leonard Bernstein's Divertimento for Orchestra, "Sennets and Tuckets." (Thanks to Graham Shrives.)