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CD-R discs from PolyGram
Alleged cover from DRT

Back in 1998, Bill Levenson at PolyGram made plans to produce a 3-CD Gentle Giant boxed set covering all their original 12 albums. The project was completed, including remastering by engineer Chris Herles, but the set was never released. The title appears to have been The Ultimate Fool.

In 2005, DRT Entertainment obtained the rights to release the boxed set. They titled it On Reflection: The Ultimate Anthology. Unfortunately, it was never released.

Dan Barrett had the only copy in existence outside of the record labels, on CD-R. He donated it to GORGG in 2013, where it was sold at auction to another fan to raise money for the next GORGG.

Track List

Disc 1 (79 minutes):

  1. Giant
  2. Funny Ways
  3. Alucard
  4. Nothing At All
  5. Why Not
  6. Pantagruel's Nativity
  7. Edge of Twilight
  8. Wreck
  9. Black Cat
  10. Plain Truth
  11. Prologue
  12. Schooldays
  13. Peel The Paint

Disc 2 (78 minutes):

  1. The Boys In The Band
  2. The Advent Of Panurge
  3. Raconteur Troubadour
  4. A Cry For Everyone
  5. Knots
  6. The Runaway
  7. An Inmates Lullaby
  8. Way of Life
  9. In a Glass House
  10. Proclamation
  11. So Sincere
  12. Aspirations
  13. Playing the Game
  14. Cogs in Cogs
  15. The Power and the Glory

Disc 3 (78 minutes):

  1. Just The Same
  2. On Reflection
  3. Free Hand
  4. Interview
  5. Another Show
  6. I Lost My Head
  7. Two Weeks In Spain
  8. I'm Turning Around
  9. Memories Of Old Days
  10. Words From The Wise
  11. Friends
  12. It's Only Goodbye
  13. Convenience
  14. All Through The Night
  15. Number One
  16. Inside Out