More Precious than Silver

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Album Information:
Title: More Precious than Silver
Artist: The Reapers
Year: unknown year
Type: official release

About the Album

More Precious Than Silver is a 16-song cassette by The Reapers featuring Kerry Minnear.

Track List

Side 1:

  1. I've been called by Jesus
  2. Oh Lord you are my God / Living Under the Shadow
  3. Now that we're in Christ
  4. Jesus, thank you Jesus / Isn't he beautiful
  5. Oh give thanks / Victory is on our lips
  6. The Lord has given
  7. We are a chosen people / We exult Thee
  8. Take me deep

Side 2:

  1. I've found a new way of living / The Lord reigneth
  2. Lord you are
  3. Ascribe greatness / Jesus we enthrone you
  4. Psalm 42
  5. I hear the sound of rustling
  6. Our God is a God of War
  7. Psalm 133
  8. When the saints