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This fan memory was written by Lyndon Connah.

I am an English musician living in London and I have just discovered your interesting site. I currently play keyboards and sing with LEVEL 42 and GO WEST who you may or may not remember from the 1980's. Please bear with me as I drone on with my pre-amble.

I composed and played drums and keyboards (alternating, on stage with another member) with a GIANT-influenced 5-piece band in the 1970's called 64 Spoons. Other influences at the time included ZAPPA and ALLAN HOLDSWORTH. GG had the kind of devastating influence on my life in the 1970's that The Beatles had on me in the 60's. ( I was insanely jealous of my late father; a classical violinist who often worked on pop sessions in the 1960's at Abbey Road studios; he would come home after a recording session and tell me about his pleasant chat over a cup of tea in the canteen with Paul or John. Ouch!)

So it was a thrill when I met Kerry Minnear after a concert somewhere in England (possibly Bournemouth) and he foolishly invited me to a recording session at ADVISION studios in London where the band was recording INTERVIEW in early 1976. I was just 21 and very nervous as I stuck my head round the door of the control room and sheepishly asked Kerry if he remembered inviting me. As he beckoned me in, I noticed that this was news to Derek who didn't look too happy about some snotty fan sniffing around. Nevertheless I sat down and happily watched Gary overdubbing short guitar riffs on one track and Derek struggling with some high vocal lines on DESIGN while Kerry produced them both. As I handed Derek sheets of paper to write lyrics on I could see in his eyes I had grossly outstayed my welcome.

After three hours or so Kerry turned to me and politely said "aren't you bored yet ?" I of course, being far too thick to take a hint, answered "Not at all" but the penny dropped soon after that and I thanked them and left, having enjoyed the experience despite my clumsy manners.

Well, that was my only brush with the band, apart from attending several wonderful shows over the years.