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This fan memory was written by James Conn.

Sometime in the 1970's Gentle Giant came to Glasgow, I think the first concert was as support to Tony McPhee's band Groundhog at the Apollo. Second time I saw the Band was at the City Halls. They were tremendous on both occasionsions and completely blew me away.

I was fortunate on one of the occasions (I can't quite remember which) to meet up with the guys in the upstairs bar and chatted to them about their music. They all were very gracious and approachable. Anyway, I also got talking to their road manager, a guy called Phil Freeman and I told him what a huge fan I was. he told me if I wrote to the guys on tour he would pass on my letters and send me some merchandise. true to his word, in time I duly received various signed photos, posters, including one for the band's Italian tour with the name "Cavalier Maggiore" on it. One of my most treasured possessions was a bunch of circular stickers with panurge's face on it. the sticker was not made of paper but some kind of cloth. at that time I was drummer in a rock/pop band and I plastered my drum cases with the stickers I was so proud.

So that's my story. I would love to have kept the letters and stuff but somehow over the years they've been binned or lost. I wish I'd kept them now!