Memories of Old Days (album)

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Album Information:
Title: Memories of Old Days (album)
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2013
Type: official release
live recording

About the album

This 5-CD set is a "Compendium Of Curios, Bootlegs, Live Tracks, Rehearsals And Demos" from 1975-1980, on the Parlophone label. It was released on August 6, 2013.

Reportedly, most of the tracks have been released before in some form or another. All demos and outtakes come from Under Construction and Scraping the Barrel. Other music comes from the BBC Sight & Sound concert, released as GG at the GG, from the final concert released as The Last Steps, and from various live CDs on the Glass House label.

Hear a sample on YouTube.


Disc 1 (previously released on Scraping the Barrel and Live in Santa Monica 1975):

  1. Just the Same (Studio Excerpt - Instrumental Backing Track)
  2. On Reflection (Studios Excerpt - Instrumental Clavinet Composing/Improvising)
  3. Free Hand (Studios Excerpt - Piano Composing/Improvising)
  4. Time to Kill (Studio Excerpt - Instrumental Backing Track)
  5. Mobile (Studio Excerpt - Instrumental Violins)
  6. On Reflection (Live - White Plains, New York 1975)
  7. Proclamation (Live - White Plains, New York 1975)
  8. Free Hand (Live - California 1975)
  9. Interview (Rehearsal)
  10. Another Show (Instrumental Hammond Hi Notes)
  11. Empty City (Instrumental Acoustic Guitar)
  12. Empty City (Instrumental String Machine)
  13. Timing (Rehearsal)
  14. I Lost My Head (Composing 2)
  15. I Lost My Head (Rehearsal)
  16. Peel the Paint/I Lost My Head (Live in Sweden)

Disc 2 (previously released on Scraping the Barrel's data disc):

  1. As Old As You're Young (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  2. The Face - Plain Truth (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  3. For Nobody (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  4. Free Hand (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  5. Funny Ways (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  6. Just the Same/Playing the Game (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  7. Memories of Old Days (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  8. On Reflection (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  9. The Runaway/Experience (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  10. So Sincere (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)
  11. Winning (Pinewood Tour Rehearsals 1977)

Disc 3 (mostly previously released on The Missing Face):

  1. Memories of Old Days (Guitar) (Rehearsals & Studio Excerpts)
  2. I'm Turning Around (Rehearsal) (Rehearsals & Studio Excerpts)
  3. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It (Guitar) (Rehearsals & Studio Excerpts)
  4. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It (Moog Solo 1) (Rehearsals & Studio Excerpts)
  5. Mountain Time (Piano) (Rehearsals & Studio Excerpts)
  6. Winning (Rehearsal) (Rehearsals & Studio Excerpts)
  7. Opening (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  8. Two Weeks in Spain (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  9. Free Hand (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  10. On Reflection (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  11. I'm Turning Around (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  12. Playing the Game (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  13. Memories of Old Days (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  14. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  15. Funny Ways (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  16. The Face (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)
  17. For Nobody (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)

Disc 4 (previously released on GG at the GG):

  1. Two Weeks in Spain (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  2. Free Hand (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  3. On Reflection (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  4. I'm Turning Around (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  5. Just The Same (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  6. Playing The Game (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  7. Memories of Old Days (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  8. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  9. Funny Ways (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  10. For Nobody (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  11. Mountain Time (BBC Sight & Sound in Concert)
  12. Words from the Wise (Demo)
  13. Thank You (Demo)
  14. Spooky Boogie (Demo)
  15. Little Brown Bag (Demo)
  16. It's Only Goodbye (Demo)

Disc 5:

  1. All Through the Night (Rehearsal) - previously released on Scraping the Barrel
  2. It's Not Imagination (Rehearsal) - previously released on Scraping the Barrel
  3. Convenience (Clean and Easy) (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  4. All Through the Night (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  5. Free Hand (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  6. Knots (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  7. Playing the Game (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  8. Giant for a Day (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  9. Inside Out (Live - New Haven, CT 1980)
  10. It's Not Imagination (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)
  11. Underground (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)
  12. Five Man Drum Bash (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)
  13. Band Introductions (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)
  14. For Nobody (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)
  15. The Advent of Panurge (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)
  16. Number One (Live - Roxy, CA 1980)