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This is a list of MIDI files available on this site. All files appear with the kind permission of DRT Entertainment.

See also sheet music.

List of MIDI files

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MIDI File Title Album Contributor
3f-mueller.mid Three Friends (song) Three Friends Georg Mueller
3friends.mid Three Friends (song) Three Friends Dan Barrett
Acquiring.mid Acquiring The Taste (song) Acquiring the Taste Dan Bornemark
Advent of panurge.mid The Advent Of Panurge Octopus Maurizio Guarini
Aspirations.mid Aspirations The Power and the Glory Dany Page, Lionel Gibaudan
Boysband.mid The Boys In The Band Octopus Bean
Boysoct.mid Excerpts From Octopus Out of the Woods Bean
Cogs.mid Cogs in Cogs The Power and the Glory J. D. Mack
DR3FRIEND.mid Three Friends (song) Three Friends Daniel Rheault
Experience.mid Experience In a Glass House Andrea Ghion
Freehand-rasten.mid Free Hand (song) Free Hand Fredrik Rasten
Freehand.mid Free Hand (song) Free Hand Dave White
I lost my head charron.mid I Lost My Head In'terview Xavier Aubin Charron
Iag.mid In A Glass House (song) In a Glass House Bean
Ilostmyh.mid I Lost My Head In'terview Rodrigo de la Mora
Inaglass.mid In A Glass House (song) In a Glass House Fredrik Rasten
Jtsame.mid Just The Same Free Hand Dave White
Kerry-Minnear-DVD-Menu-Music.mid DVD menu music compilation Giant on the Box Pierre-Luc Gauthier
Kindness.mid Think Of Me With Kindness Octopus Russell Maddox
Kindness2.mid Think Of Me With Kindness Octopus Dany Page
Knots.mid Knots Octopus Kevin Greene
Misterclass.mid Mister Class and Quality? Three Friends Martin Bellemare
Nothing.mid Nothing At All Gentle Giant (album) Christof Munoz
Onreflection-geise.mid On Reflection Free Hand Gordon Geise
Onreflection.mid On Reflection Free Hand Claude Chamberland
Onreflection2.mid On Reflection Free Hand Kevin Greene
Onrefool.mid On Reflection Playing the Fool Marcelo Perez
Playgame.mid Playing The Game The Power and the Glory Michel de Repentigny
Proclamation-pvl.mid Proclamation The Power and the Glory Peter van Leeuwen
Proclamation.mid Proclamation The Power and the Glory Guillaume Beaulieu-Duchesneau
Prologue.mid Prologue Three Friends Maurizio Guarini
Quietcold.mid Isn't It Quiet And Cold? Gentle Giant (album) Christof Munoz
Raconteur.mid Raconteur Troubadour Octopus Amit Amely
Runaway.mid The Runaway In a Glass House Dave White
Shadows.mid Shadows On The Street Civilian Henrik Johansson
Sosincere.mid So Sincere The Power and the Glory Sal La Bruna
Talybont.mid Talybont Free Hand Russ Wood
Timing.mid Timing In'terview Nigel Pattinson
Valedictory.mid Valedictory The Power and the Glory Ben

Special thanks

Special thanks to Dr. Kerenyi Gabor and his MIDI page, and to all the creators of these MIDI files.