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Giant on the Box was Gentle Giant's first official video release. It contains a DVD and a CD.

The DVD contains:

  1. 1974 concert from German TV station ZDF. Tracks include Cogs in Cogs, Proclamation, Funny Ways, The Runaway, Experience, Features from Octopus, Advent of Panurge, So Sincere. 50 minutes.
  2. 1975 US TV concert from the Terrace Theater, Long Beach, California. Tracks include Experience, Features from Octopus, Advent of Panurge, Funny Ways. 30 minutes
  3. Szene '74: a short bit of rare footage from the 1974 tour, filmed by German television station BRW. It's an excerpt from "In a Glass House" but you might not recognize it at first (I didn't): a blistering guitar jam based on some of the material from the second part ("Master inner voices..."). Sounds almost like heavy metal. 3 minutes
  4. Baroque & Roll: black & white footage and interview from Italian television. 22 minutes. [English translation]
  5. Photo gallery from Gary's private collection. 36 photos

Plus original, instrumental music by Kerry is played over the DVD menus, and it is GREAT! It is a fascinating melding of modern music and the GG compositional style. I nearly cried when I heard it: the first new "GG" material in decades. It's quite short but it made me feel so happy...

A fan's comments

I watched the whole thing last night (Ray sent me a copy so I could write the liner notes), and it was the first time I'd seen this materal. I think everybody's going to enjoy it. My only criticism is that the ZDF concert footage focuses so much on individual players; I wanted to see the whole band together more often, like when they were switching instruments etc. But who can complain about the world's first official GG DVD!!!!

Alternate version

DRT Entertainment released a deluxe version of this DVD. It adds a 2005 interview with Derek Shulman broadcast on VH-1.