Live in Stockholm '75

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Album Information:
Title: Live in Stockholm '75
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2009
Type: official release
live recording

This CD, released on April 20, 2009, is a live performance from Club Karen (Karhuset) at Stockholm University on November 12, 1975. It's for sale at Alucard Music (and elsewhere).

Lesley Minnear writes:

"The CD has been produced by Major League Productions and features liner notes by John. It's a legitimate release licensed by Swedish Radio. I've bought a few copies to sell via the website, but Alucard hasn't been involved in the production. We will get royalties though! I don't know where the photo's came from. The next Alucard release will be the Winchester gig at King Alfred's College and features Martin Smith & Phil Shulman. Phil has written the liner notes and it should be available soon."

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