In'terview in Concert

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About the Album

Originally released in 1998 as a bootleg on the Highland label, this was rereleased officially in 2000 on Glass House Recordings (UK). It was recorded live at "Hempstead, New York, 7/3/1976" at the Calderone Concert Hall, not far from the Ultrasonic Recording Studios where Ultrasonic 75 was recorded.

A fan reports that "this was a radio broadcast by WLIR-FM. The show took place on the Eve of the US Bicentennial celebration, and I was fortunate enought to have been in attendance that night. Derek gave a few humorous intros that referenced the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, etc."

Reportedly the sound quality is "rather good, but sometimes electric noises are heard."

Other recordings of this concert

Track List

  1. Proclamation (4:49) -- fade in
  2. On Reflection (6:41)
  3. Interview (7:14)
  4. The Runaway / Experience (10:50)
  5. So Sincere (5:50) -- drum and percussion bash is cut
  6. Excerpts from [[Octopus] (15:26) -- includes The Boys In The Band, Raconteur Troubadour, Knots, The Advent Of Panurge
  7. Give It Back (5:15)
  8. Timing (13:23) -- includes violin solo
  9. Free Hand (7:20)