Ibrido Hot Six Plays Acquiring The Taste

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Album Information:
Title: Ibrido Hot Six Plays Acquiring The Taste
Artist: Ibrido Hot Six
Year: 2010
Type: official release
tribute album

In this tribute album, Ibrido Hot Six plays the entire Acquiring the Taste album. This CD is included in the book, Gentle Giant - I giganti del prog rock.


  1. Pantagruel's Nativity
  2. Edge Of Twilight
  3. Giant Links: Echoes
  4. The House, The Street, The Room
  5. Giant Links: The City
  6. Acquiring The Taste
  7. Giant Links: Before The Wreck
  8. Wreck
  9. The Moon Is Down
  10. Black Cat
  11. Giant Links: Blues For Martin
  12. Plain Truth