Heroes (Giant Tracks)

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Heroes is a song on the tribute album Giant Tracks.

  • Artist: .com
  • Position: CD 1, track 7
  • Time: 5:02
  • Original album: Civilian


  • Maurice McKenna - bass, vocals
  • Nick Knowlton - lead vocals
  • Arlo "Guitarlo" West - guitars, computer


  • Recorded at: MDC Studios, Auburn, Maine, in July 1996
  • Arranged and produced by: Morris McKenna

The inside story

Maurice McKenna

Hmmm... where do I start? I have never done a bio before, but here goes. First off, my main axe is bass guitar, followed by drums and lead guitar, with a splash of keys. I also sing lead and have been since first grade; when the kids were singing "Puff The Magic Dragon" I was singing "I Saw Her Standing There" by the Beatles. I never liked that Dragon song.

I knew since the age of 5 that I wanted to play music. I guess one of my goals is, like many musicians, to have a couple of hits on the radio. Another goal is to become a recording engineer/producer.

Besides the .com thing, I rearranged an old Beatles song called "Dear Prudence" that made #52 on the Billboard Charts in 1975 (Big Tree Records) with a band called Catfish/Katfish. The "C" got changed to a "K" because of legal reasons. Other achievements are, let's see....hmmmmmm.. OH YEAH! Nothing, as far as the music industry goes, but I am still out there going for it! Not really. I am actually playing in a top 40 cover band, although I am still writing and recording.

Friends hear my stuff and ask, "Why haven't you made it?" I just tell them that no one but my friends have heard my songs. I'm doing a masonry gig to pay the bills. I would like to shop my tapes but am not sure how to make the connection. Oh well. Hey, if anyone out there has some helpful hints, let me know. Also, I would be into doing a good touring gig. I am into rock and fusion and anything that has a groove to it.

In the meantime, I'm having fun writing, recording and beefing up my studio. Keep Rockin'!

- Moe

Nick Knowlton

I'm currently president of the GSM Group, Inc., and advertising, marketing and promotions company (21 Brooks Ave, Lewiston, ME 04240, 207-784-2700). Been involved in music for over 30 years. Have been on three national recording labels: Delight records, TK records, and Atlantic/Big Tree records. Have recorded hundreds of jingles in the US and Canada. Co-chair of talent advisory board for the nationally-recognized, annual Great Falls Balloon festival. And a "Born again Gentle Giant fan"!

Arlo West

I have been playing guitar now for 26 years and am currently fronting my own blues/rock trio, "Arlo West and the L.A. Bluesmen." I have released 3 CDs and am working on a new one at this time. I use a 25th-anniversary Stratocaster on the song "Heroes," played through a ZOOM guitar effects processor directly into a Roland VS880.

When I thought of doing Heroes for this CD, I instantly thought of two of my heroes: Moe and Nick. These guys have always stood for excellent musicianship, and their performance on the song speaks for itself. This also fulfills a fantasy of mine to record and play with these guys. Moe and Nick did not have a clue about the Internet, and it took some time for it all to sink in, considering their only link to the project was through my e-mail and phone calls.


  • Recorded on: Roland VS-880 (digital workstation) with internal effects.
  • Vocals: PL20 EV (microphone)
  • Guitars: Custom made Fender Tele/Precision/Jazz combo Bass, Fender 25th anniversary Strat. Zoom 9002 guitar processor.
  • Drums: Alesis SR16