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This page describes how to use this web site. If you have questions about the band, visit frequently asked questions.

Using this site

This site runs the same software as Wikipedia, so its operation should be familiar to any Wikipedia user. However, editing is restricted to authorized people.

Logging in

You don't need to log in, if you just want to browse. If you create an account, you can:

  • Set personal preferences
  • "Watch" specific articles and receive an email when they change


There are two buttons for searching:

Go (or press Enter)
Jumps directly to an article. If none exists, you will see:
  • A link to create a new article of that name
  • Search results for close matches
Works like a normal search engine, displaying search results.


Each article has categories listed at the bottom. Click a category name to see all articles in that category.

Browsing by topic

In the "Navigation" menu, click "Browse topics".


At the bottom of the page, there is a list of "recently visited" pages and links. This is an easy way to jump back to a previous page you have viewed.

Contributing material

Want to contribute material to this site? See contributing material.

Articles in need of help