Baltimore 1975

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About The Album

This bootleg CD-R is on the label "Carlotta's CDs" (128 Ocean Drive, Sydney, Australia).

The following report is from a fan:

"This is probably the disputed Largo, Maryland show from an unspecified October date listed on Jack's tour web page. The performance and recording are both superb, with the following notations:
"Derek's introductions are really soft in spots, and the vibe duet in the drum bash seems quite loud by contrast.
"The recording appears to be incomplete. Runaway/Experience fades out and So Sincere fades in, probably skipping the Excerpts for Octopus medley in the bargain. Batteries run out, tape ends and can't find a new one, who knows what happened? Haven't had a chance to listen to it all the way through yet, so I don't know if the instrumental version of Plain Truth is included, but it's not on the set list.
"The photos are really good, but the back cover appears to be from a much earlier tour. It's an extreme long overhead shot. Left to right, near as I can tell: Gary, Phil, Derek, John, Ray, and Kerry's huge heyboard setup, which implies Kerry just out of frame. As a curious sidebar, Derek appears to be wearing boots, black pants and something resembling a leather teddy (hurt me, hurt me). the front sleeve is a medium close up of Gary and Ray really getting into it. Ray's on violin and has his shirt open. Gary seems to be cheering him on. The CD label is a shot from the drum solo, during the vibes section -- wired crop with John in the center, great focus and color, nice feel to the shot."

Another fan writes:

"The show was at a now-defunct club called The Hollywood Palace; it was in a strip-shopping center on Route 40 just outside of Catonsville. To my knowledge, GG never played Largo; that was outside of Washington and home to the Capital Center, where the Baltimore Bullets moved in the mid-70's. The Cap Center was strictly a large act venue; I don't recall GG opening for anyone that would have played there, except maybe Jethro Tull. I was at the Hollywood Palace show, although if you asked me the set list, it would all be just one big blur (there's a surprise)."

Another fan writes:

"My suspicion is this is a copy of the 10/7/75 Ultrasonic Studio show. And as you can see, there is no show in listed for Baltimore in 1975."

Track List


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