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Eclipsed magazine in Germany has had some Gentle Giant-related articles. (Thanks to Martin Neef and Joachim Wunschick!)

October 2005

Eclipsed had an article about Gentle Giant in the October 2005 issue (number 76).

April 2006

Eclipsed included Gentle Giant's debut album in its "best 100 debut records in rock music" listing, in April 2006. Gentle Giant was listed as number 42.

The top 10 were:

  1. King Crimson
  2. Velvet Underground
  3. Led Zeppelin
  4. Doors
  5. Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. Mike Oldfield
  7. Can
  8. Pink Floyd
  9. Mothers of Invention
  10. Godspeed you Black Emperor

Then readers were asked to send their own favorites, and in the June 2006 issue, Gentle Giant was listed as number 15. This time, the winner was Marillion, followed by King Crimson and Led Zeppelin.

February 2020

An interview with Derek Shulman regarding the release of Unburied Treasure.