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About the Album

This compilation on the LaserLight label (No. 21 786) contains two Gentle Giant tracks from the King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents CD: The Runaway and Proclamation.

The liner notes say this about Gentle Giant:

"Gentle Giant was one of the few bands at the time to use a quad sound system for their live show. With the stage dark, a white spotlight shone on Kerry Minnear at his keyboard, who was dressed as if in another time. Saxophonist Derek Shulman would sing, regardless of who originally sang in the studio, and the other members- Gary Green (guitar), Ray Shulman (bass guitar, violin), and John Weathers (drums), played and acted their parts, while a hushed held on to every breath. Their figures illuminated across a picture slide background. The Runaway and Proclamation were recorded at the Academy of Music on January 18, 1975."

Track List

  1. Gentle Giant - The Runaway
  2. Gentle Giant - Proclamation
  3. Greg Lake - Parisienne Walkways
  4. ELP - Tiger in a Spotlight
  5. Renaissance - Carpet of the Sun
  6. Renaissance - Midas Man
  7. Rick Wakeman - Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight
  8. Rick Wakeman - The Forest
  9. GTR - The Hunter