The youngest troubadour

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GG holds a very important place in my life. They were the only band to come out of the 70s that could reach me with their innovative yet antiquated sound. I have yet to hear of a band that could merge the two very distinct sounds of medieval recorders and lutes and the like with the modern electronic gizmos that are so common.

Here's a cute story for you: back when my son was in 5th grade (he's in 8th now) he did a report on the medieval troubadour for his class. It was a performance his teacher has never seen the likes of since. I made his costume, made a lute out of a corn flakes box with paper mache and toothpicks (and the assistance of an encyclopedia picture) and worked with him for several days on memorizing the words to Raconteur Troubadour. After he did his intro with the first verse, he went into his little description of what a troubadour was, and then he introduced me, his "lovely mom" and I played Greensleeves on my recorder for his class. Afterwards, he finished with his dissertation on the troubador lifestyle (much akin to the lifestyle of the modern rock star) and then finished out with the final verse to Raconteur Troubadour. It was FANTASTIC. I have it on video, of course. My little Vinny could have very well won an Oscar for that performance.

Hope you liked my tale.