The Age of Twilight

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Album Information:
Title: The Age of Twilight
Artist: various artists
Year: 2013
Type: official release
tribute album

A GORGG CD of original music by Gentle Giant fans and GORGG attendees, due October 2013.

The title comes from the song Edge of Twilight.


  1. New Year's Day - Tomas Stark
  2. Il Lavello Della Cucina - Eric Baumgartner
  3. Allen The Alien - Ant Bowles
  4. Acquiring Glass Friends - The Rebel Wheel
  5. Thieves - Mini Minor
  6. Mantra - Blissful Behemoth
  7. Midsummer's Day - Tomas Stark
  8. I Am Become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds - Monetary Soul
  9. The Code - Bob Parker
  10. Kerried Away - Dan Lawrie
  11. Groundless - Adam Levin
  12. Given Take - Octovox

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