Terry Shulman

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Terry Shulman, another brother of Derek, Ray, and Phil, was an accomplished musician and artist. Born between Ray and Derek, Terry wrote several books of poetry. According to a former neighbor, Terry was "a bit of a wildman," and well-known in the Portsmouth art scene.

Terry passed away in December, 2015, after a long illness. According to his brother Derek:

He was one of a kind. A true 'bohemian' who was loved by so many people in the artistic community in Portsmouth UK. In a houseful of siblings with various degrees of strength of personality, Terry was always the peaceful, gentle and kind Shulman. He was an incredibly intuitive and talented musician, artist, painter, sculptor, poet and, I found out over the years a superb bon vivant. His creative talent was revered throughout the area. Despite his beautiful peaceful spirit, Terry always did things his way. His prolific creative art and sculpture works were rarely if ever sold. He needed just to create without any thought of marketing them for compensation.