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Add this template to the Image page of any promotional photo. It displays an information box and places the page into appropriate categories.

{{Promotional photo
| who=comma separated list of names of people in the photo
| what=description of photo
| where=location the photo was taken
| when=date of photo
| photographer=name of photographer


{{Promotional photo
|who=John Weathers,Kerry Minnear,Dan Barrett
|what=Playing guitar with his band Man
|where=The Old Daddy, Haltern, Germany
|when=23 June 1974
|photographer=Bob Dobbs

Automatic linking

Each name in the "who" list becomes a link. To suppress this behavior, add the optional parameter:


Automatic categorization

The article will automatically be placed in these categories:

  • promotional photos
  • Photos by name of photographer

and for each person in the "who" list,

  • Photos of person

This last set of categories is disabled by the optional nolink=1 parameter.