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Tracks 1-6 are from The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, January 27, 1975. Tracks 7-9 are claimed to be from the Academy of Music, New York, November 5, 1975 (second show), but this is probably not correct, according to fan Nick Sudbury, who writes:

This cannot be accurate, as is clear from the set played: the ‘intro’ is the short version of ‘Giant’ which by that time had been replaced with the so-called Intro ’74, which led cleverly into Cogs in Cogs (from the autumn ’75 tour onward). The clincher is the use of the recorded keyboard bridge between The Runaway and Experience which had also been dropped by this date. If the venue is at least correct as listed, I wonder (just a shot in the dark) if it is actually part of the other concert played at the beginning of the year on Jan 18th (the other of the two that day was broadcast as the King Biscuit Flower Hour)? Could this be the different version of Cogs in Cogs to which Jack Skelly refers in his notes for that date?