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  • This album features four Shulmans: Derek, Phil, Ray... and young Calvin (Ray's son) singing the schoolboy vocals on Schooldays. (Thanks to Daniel Lluch.)
  • In Schooldays, just after the vocal part with the lines "Schooldays together, why do they change," there is there is part (guitar and vibes in unison) that plays the theme from a kids' song, "Cry Baby Bunting." (Thanks to Michael Beauvois and Paul Christenson.) Richard McCready offers a different opinion that the theme is from "Ring Around the Rosie."
  • The little repeated riff in the introduction of Working All Day reappears in the main riff in the background, and also at the end of the song (though harmonized a little differently). (Thanks to KoKl Cormier.)
  • In the first (quiet) part of Peel The Paint, listen to the organ part played after Phil sings "color the brush." It is the basis for the hard-rocking vocal melody in the second part of the song ("Peel the paint, look underneath..."). (Thanks to Michael Beauvois.)
  • Phil Shulman's first sung note in Peel The Paint is noticeably sharp... oops. (Thanks to Ian McGrath.)
  • The slow, majestic bass part for Three Friends is played faster and more quietly at the beginning of Mister Class And Quality?. (Thanks to Michael Beauvois.)