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  • The theater photos on the cover are of the Palace Theatre in Manchester, England. According to a fan, GG never played there! (Thanks to "Andrew".)
  • Also on the cover, the poster in the lower left quadrant has GG on tour in Summerland September 31st. There are only 30 days in September.
  • In Valedictory, right after the break at the word "Hail," the bass and keyboard play each other's parts as played on The Power and the Glory. This, according to Kerry (allegedly), gave the piece a harder, driving rhythm suited to a live performance. (Thanks to Bob Finger.)
  • During the quiet bass interlude/introduction to the second, explosive part of Experience, there is a subtle click (just after the 3:03 mark). It is a sound made by the switching of a tone button on the deck of the clavinet, which Kerry carefully and humorously places on the downbeat of 4 proceeding the "mastering inner voices" epiphanic explosion. (Thanks to Tevlin Schuetz.) What fun!
  • In Excerpts From Octopus, during the acoustic guitar version of Raconteur Troubadour, the main theme from Acquiring The Taste is played.
  • In Excerpts From Octopus during the recorder quartet, there is supposedly a quote from On Reflection ("still you stay, tied in your way"). (Thanks to Mikko Pellinen.)
  • Phil Merrigan reports that he thinks parts of the drum bash and vibes solos in the live So Sincere come from No God's a Man: "you can sing 'After all the things are said, No god's a man, No god's a man' in the last part of the drumming. Just sing it in your head and try to fit it to the rhythm. It works for me. As to the glockenspiel trio, at one point the three play in unison. I am sure the musical phrase is from a GG song. My hunch was that it was inspired from no god's a man...." Anyone else hear this?
  • There's a reason by why the audience made some noise during So Sincere.
  • If you listen as the applause fades out after "On Reflection" on Playing the Fool, you can just hear the beginning of the taped intro to "Interview" ("Well...uh...Gentle Giant"). The actual performance of "Interview" that followed (from Dusseldorf) finally appeared two decades later, on Under Construction. (Thanks to Biffy the Elephant Shrew.)