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  • Allegedly, Ray Shulman played an 8-string bass on most of this album. He didn't play it live however. On most other albums he played a Fender Precision. (Thanks to Pekka Ranta.)
  • On the album cover, the word "Civilian" is very hard to see. It is the red shading in the words "Gentle Giant." Also, several people seem to be holding guns (bottom left, top right, and left side 2/3 of the way up). (Thanks to Richard Beck.)
  • On the cover, everyone has a blue collar, probably symbolic of "blue collar workers." (Thanks to Paul Sipio.)
  • In All Through The Night, the lyric "Every day is the just the same" might be a reference to Just The Same. (Thanks to Paul Sipio.)
  • The piano part at the beginning of Shadows On The Street is very similar to the introduction of Free Hand. (Thanks to Magraith.)
  • The lyric "Forget our dreams and play the game" in Shadows On The Street might be a reference to Playing the Game. (Thanks to Paul Sipio.)
  • The vocal melody from Convenience, when played backwards, is a direct quote from Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.
  • The final words on the album ("That's all there is") are excerpts from songs on the album.