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By: Dick Dammit

The TV was left on by the kids (as always) and as I made me a quick sandwich for lunch, I heard a voice from the other room, "You'll be amazed at what Gentle Giant can do for you!!!!"

Well...I choked on my sandwich and after applying the Heimlich maneuver to myself (you need a kitchen chair), ran into the living room just in time to see!......

middle-aged men golfing............

It was an infomercial for Gentle Giant golf clubs.

STILL....just to hear about a dozen different people say "Gentle Giant" about 56 times was still a kind of thrill. One that demonstrates just how often the mainstream media EVER addresses ANYTHING that interests me. (Lewis Lapham never appears on the talk shows, "Ship of Fools" or "The Fallen Idol" never get screened, Jeff Berlin never sits in with the band on Letterman etc, etc.).

So I take the fake thrills when they come.l

Keep your eyes peeled - "Gentle Giant" are coming to a UHF station near you!