Santa Monica Freeway

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Album Information:
Title: Santa Monica Freeway
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2001
Type: unofficial
live recording

About The Album

A bootleg, reportedly a soundboard recording, on the Sonic Residue label.

Tracks 1-5 are reportedly from Santa Monica, California, January 1, 1975. However, are actually from a Capitol Studios recording session on February 13, 1975, according to Alan Kinsman, who says, "on January 1, 1975, GG were all at home in the UK, some of them no doubt recovering from the excesses of New Year parties!"

Tracks 6-7 are from Electric Ballroom, Dallas, March 19, 1977, reportedly played during a soundcheck.

A fan reports that the recordings were mastered at the wrong speed, changing their pitch by a half-step or more.

Track List

  1. Cogs In Cogs
  2. Proclamation
  3. Experience
  4. So Sincere
  5. Advent Of Panurge
  6. For Nobody (Take One)
  7. For Nobody (Take Two)