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Phil Smith is the most prolific transcriber of Gentle Giant songs into sheet music.

Many of his original scores have been updated by Wheat Williams. Any scores with Williams' name below should be considered a collaborative effort.


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File Title Album
A Reunion A Reunion In a Glass House The Advent Of Panurge Octopus
Alucard Alucard Gentle Giant (album)
An Inmates Lullaby An Inmates Lullaby In a Glass House
As Old As Youre Young As Old As You're Young The Missing Piece Aspirations The Power and the Glory
Black Cat Black Cat Acquiring the Taste A Cry For Everyone Octopus
Design Design In'terview
Dogs Life Dogs Life Octopus
Edge Of Twilight Edge Of Twilight Acquiring the Taste
Empty City Empty City In'terview
Experience Live Experience (Live) Playing the Fool
For Nobody For Nobody The Missing Piece Free Hand (song) Free Hand
Funny Ways Funny Ways Gentle Giant (album)
Give It Back Give It Back In'terview
His Last Voyage His Last Voyage Free Hand
I Lost My Head I Lost My Head In'terview
In A Glass House In A Glass House In a Glass House
Interview Interview In'terview
Just The Same Proclamation Live Just The Same/Proclamation (Live) Playing the Fool
Mister Class And Quality Mister Class And Quality Three Friends
Mobile Mobile Free Hand
No Gods A Man No Gods A Man The Power and the Glory
On Reflection On Reflection Free Hand
Pantagruels Nativity Pantagruels Nativity Acquiring the Taste
Peel The Paint Peel The Paint Three Friends
Plain Truth Plain Truth Acquiring the Taste
Playing The Game Playing The Game The Power and the Glory
Proclamation Vocal Sections Proclamation (Vocal Sections) The Power and the Glory
Prologue Prologue Three Friends
Raconteur-troubadour-acquiring-the-taste-aschifferdecker.pdf Raconteur Troubadour + Acquiring The Taste Playing the Fool
Schooldays Schooldays Three Friends
So Sincere So Sincere The Power and the Glory
The Face The Face The Power and the Glory
The House The Street The House, The Street, The Room Acquiring the Taste
The Moon Is Down The Moon Is Down Acquiring the Taste
Think Of Me Think Of Me With Kindness Octopus
Time To Kill Time To Kill Free Hand
Timing Timing In'terview
Two Weeks In Spain Two Weeks In Spain The Missing Piece
Way Of Life Way Of Life In a Glass House
Working All Day Working All Day Three Friends
Wreck Wreck Acquiring the Taste