Paint the Peel

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Album Information:
Title: Paint the Peel
Artist: various artists
Year: 2011
Type: official release
tribute album

The fifth GORGG CD of original music by Gentle Giant fans and GORGG attendees.

The title is a pun on Peel The Paint.


  1. First Brush
  2. Verbalosis
  3. Zealot
  4. Oglethorpe's Dream (Solo Demo)
  5. Words on the Wall
  6. A Minor Miracle
  7. I Can't Talk to You
  8. Nature
  9. Those Who Still Remain
  10. Lying (In My Sleep)
  11. The Swan, the Toad, the Dragonfly
  12. Dream Towards the Light
  13. In Theory
  14. Daylight
  15. Caught in a Glass Maze

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