On the Right Track

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Album Information:
Title: On the Right Track
Artist: Different Trains
Year: 1994
Type: official release

About the Album

- by Anthony Bowles

I just bought "Different Trains / On the right Track," the CD featuring Damon Shulman, son of Phil. I've only listened to it the once.... I certainly hear the Giant influence on one track where the layered vocal harmonies/cannon sound like on reflection. Other influences I hear are Camel, the Beatles and even Tom Robinson. There's a long track where Damon waffles on in a Philosophical manner about, well not much over a really tasty backing track and warns those who don't agree with him to just F**k off. Well Damon if only you'd stop talking then I could hear the music. The trouble with this sort of thing is that once you've heard it you don't want to keep on hearing it. Thank heaven for programmable CD players eh! Anyway he's young, bless him. There's certainly a lot of promise there but don't expect too much GG like stuff. I certainly don't feel I've wasted my money and hey given a few listens its's bound to grow on me. More later..........

Track List

  1. Birth (0:57)
  2. This Is Life (5:12)
  3. Bits Of Dust (0:29)
  4. Dust In The Wind (5:17)
  5. Market Place (0:54)
  6. In My House (8:09)
  7. Sweet Children (6:14)
  8. Class (5:19)
  9. To Be Continued (1:41)
  10. Workmen (0:45)
  11. Work (5:36)
  12. Rain (8:07)
  13. The Tired Tide (1:20)
  14. Swim Against The Tide (10:05)
  15. Cruel Trick (9:38)