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John Weathers at the Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 29 Oct 1977

Drummer John Weathers frequently wore an Oakland A's baseball outfit in concert. He tells the story in this video.

A fan, Christof Munoz, tracked down what is likely to be the baseball game mentioned by John:

I did a little digging into MLB history. This seems to be the game John was describing. It seems John and Gaz caught the second game of a double-header against the Yankees (at Shea stadium) that Sunday, the A's won both games, the second of which was the 6-1 score John remembers. The average July precipitation was below average in Ft. Wayne Indiana that year, but there very well could have been a drizzle that day. If this is, in fact, the game, the A's took the lead in the first inning, and sealed the deal in the 8th. Here are more detailed statistics.

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