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This fan memory was written by Greg Jarrells.

I saw GG in concert in 1980 at a club in Virginia Beach. Believe it was the [../albums/civilian.html Civilian] tour. Amazing night all the way around. The place held about 1500 people, and it was packed. The friend who went with me and I had front row seats. I remember being surprised there were that many GG fans in a place like VB. Anyway, a local band opened for them, and played for about forty minutes. As soon as the roadies for the local band started clearing the stage, well over half the people in the club got up and left! (We talked the two girls we meet at the club into sticking around to hear Giant. They were in for a shock.) The show was fantastic, and one of the last songs they did was Giant For A Day. When they launched into the song, I whipped out my Giant For A Day mask I had cut from the album cover and put it on. Derek looked down at me, then walked over and indicated he wanted the mask. He put it on, and did the rest of the show wearing it before handing it back to me.

After the encore, one of the roadies came over and said the band would be happy to autograph the mask if I liked. In the event, I got to go back to the dressing room and meet the band. Spent about 30 minutes with them. Had a beer, talked music, talked about other bands. Still have the autographed mask.