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Maurotron is an artist who recorded Acquiring The Taste on mellotron. Originally it was at but this page is now gone.

In August 2009 I received this note from Mauro himself:

I was searching for some Gentle Giant infos on your site, while i've seen that you are searching for infos about me!! That's funny!!! :-))
I'm Mauro Degrassi from Trieste, Italy... and i'm the "infamous" Maurotron who made a full Mellotron version of ATT, in 2001.
It was a private and domestic experiment using my just buyed Mellotron 400 reproducing the original moog lines, and i never made any distribution except for a couple of friends!! But doesn't sound so bad... Tapes used was: bassoon, flute, violin, brass, trumpet/trombone. I still have the track, and of course i will be happy to share it with other GG fans!
Mauro Degrassi
PS. I'm now playing keyboards in a band called "J'accuse..!"