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For other uses of "Knots", see Knots (disambiguation).

About The Album

The Gentle Giant album Under Construction came with a "sample bank": a set of digital samples from Gentle Giant albums. On "knots", a variety of artists used these samples (and only these samples) to create original electronic music. The results sound nothing like Gentle Giant, though fans can easily identify many of the sounds. The CD was released on the Thousand label.

Official Site for knots

Track List

  1. colongib - agent tingle
  2. jack schaefer - here
  3. legion of green men - steppin on the green giant
  4. kid606 - over and under (tnk)
  5. under the big tree - in my way did i use you
  6. chuck miller - 1k mix
  7. phthalocyanine - impasto beard
  8. electric company - tangle tinge
  9. lexaunculpt - mmt8 rearrangement
  10. eM - gently gigantic
  11. thermal - gengi monogatari
  12. blectum from blechdom - rumpfed runyon (excerpt)