Kites (CD compilation)

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About The Album

A CD compilation issued on See For Miles Records. It is in stereo, while the original LPs were in mono. The sound is reportedly "clearer, more transparent, but a little bit sharper" than the LP.


Derek Shulman - vocals

Ray Shulman - guitar

Phil Shulman - saxophone

Tony Ransley - drums

Pete O'Flaherty - bass

Track List

  1. Kites
  2. Like the Sun Like the Fire
  3. Sleep
  4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  5. Broken Hearted Pirates
  6. 60 Minutes of Your Love/A Lot of Love (Medley)
  7. Love
  8. There's a Little Picture Playhouse
  9. Day Time, Night Time
  10. I See the Light
  11. What is Soul
  12. Amen
  13. Who Cares
  14. She Gave Me the Sun
  15. Thinking About My Life
  16. It is Finished
  17. I've Seen it All Before
  18. You Need a Man
  19. Reservations