King Biscuit Flower Hour review by Ray DiCecca

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3 March 1998

I just bought the King Biscuit CD at Tower Records (Boston) @$14.99. I was really impressed with the recording. Very clean, open sound, and void of any noise or hiss. Real nice. I went to their web site and they haven't updated the Gentle Giant release area yet. Just a blurb about it's January release.

The CD release was recorded January 18, 1975 at The Academy of Music in NYC. The musicianship is fabulous. The band sounds real tight and the vocal harmonies are flawless- they do a killer job on "Knots" and the guitar interlude is fantastic. A real beauty of a CD. I would highly recommend it to any GG fan. I like this recording better than Playing The Fool- Live, although I really like that CD as well.

The CD jacket/sleeve contains the song selections w/times, the band line-up, a discography, and list compilations, liner notes (1 1/2 pages) by John Bungey, and a few color & b/w photos of the band.