King Biscuit Flower Hour review by Joe Jaworski

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Unlike Playing the Fool, most cuts on this live album sounds remarkably close to their studio counterparts. It also represents a good cross section of the band's masterpieces. If these were studio cuts, this album could very well be a "Best of" release. But this is not pure studio either- prepare yourself for some delicious variations. "Funny Ways" appears much more of a ballad here, and "Knots" gets tastefully extended with an acoutic guitar solo that is pure Gentle Giant. The GG staple "Advent of Panurge" really rocks much harder and fuller than its Octopus release ever did, while lesser known cuts "Experience" and "The Runaway" are like new material to all but the hardcore GG fan. Overall, this KBFH release should find a place on everyone's shelf. For the GG fan, this is definitely a must have addition.