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The Jack Chesterfield Band used to play Gentle Giant cover tunes. Here are some reports from fans.

Todd McDaniel, 01 August 1998

I saw The Jack Chesterfield Band play in Canton, Ohio last night. Imagine our surprise when their second to their last song for the night was a tight, extremely faithful version of Playing The Game!!! Unbelievable.

Steven Johnson, 30 June 1999

After reading about these guys on your site, I made it a point to look them up while swinging through Ohio on my way to the Jersey shore. Found them on a Sunday night at a little hole in the wall called "Cheers" (no relation to the TV show I don't think) and chatted with the guys (and girls) of this rather impressive and FUN musical group. As promised, they did the rousing version of "Playing the Game" that I had read about and since I had asked if they had any more GG tunes, they gleefully ended the evening with an incredible note for note version of "All Through the Night" from Civilian! I hadn't heard that tune live since Derek sang it in the summer of 1980! What wonderful memories these folks brought back....

Dave Lulo, 19 September 1999

I would echo the sentiments above about what a fine job these guys did on "Playing the Game" and like to add that they perform the "Live" version that GG did on the 75-76 tour, NOT the studio version from The Power and the Glory! Also, when I saw them last month, (Aug. '99), they did a simply amazing note for note cover of "All Through the Night" from Civilian! Glad someone is out there keeping this stuff alive!