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About the Album

This is an official CD issue (the first official Giant release for 14 years) of the BBC Radio 1 "In Concert" session no. 169, recorded in the Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, on 5 January 1978. The album provides a glimpse of Gentle Giant's concert performances during the Missing Piece era. It was released on the Windsong label.


The tracks on this CD had only previously been available on the BBC Transcription Service LP (ref. CN3012/S), issued in April 1978 for use at various radio stations of the BBC. A few copies of this are believed to have filtered onto the collector's market. Possibly only 50 copies were made, and it included a four-page insert.

Some pictures of history:

According to an unnamed Australian vendor:

"BBC Transcription Discs are the absolute pinnacle of PROMO-ONLY LIVE RADIO SHOWS and are simply IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!! They are virtually NEVER offered for sale...we know of only one other dealer (in the UK) who very occasionally has them...(we've been dealing worldwide since 1979). They are never even advertised in the UK's bible of collecting, RECORD COLLECTOR magazine. Less than 100 are ever pressed (there's word to the effect that the true figure is in fact only between 30 and 50), and they have only ever been sent to BBC-affiliated radio stations in the British Empire (e.g Canada, New Zealand, Australia, even India, Malaya, South Africa, well as within the UK of course). They ideally remain the property of the station and are locked away in their libraries after their solitary airing. They are quite simply the RAREST OF THE RARE in the world of radio show discs."

Thanks to Adrian Dover and Claude Wacker for this info.


Gary Green, Kerry Minnear, Derek Schulman, Ray Schulman, and John Weathers. No instrument credits are listed.

Track List

  1. Two Weeks In Spain (3:15)
  2. Free Hand (7:35)
  3. On Reflection (5:51)
  4. Just The Same (4:57)
  5. Playing The Game (4:47)
  6. Memories Of Old Days (7:14)
  7. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It (2:38)
  8. I'm Turning Around (4:06)
  9. For Nobody (4:35)
  10. Mountain Time (3:27)

Note: The original BBC video also included Funny Ways, and the song order was slightly different:

  1. Two Weeks In Spain
  2. Free Hand
  3. On Reflection
  4. I'm Turning Around
  5. Just The Same
  6. Playing The Game
  7. Memories Of Old Days
  8. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It
  9. Funny Ways
  10. For Nobody
  11. Mountain Time