Hotter & Tighter Edits & Remixes, Volume 1

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Album Information:
Title: Hotter & Tighter Edits & Remixes, Volume 1
Artist: various artists
Year: 1978
Type: official release
sampler album

About the Album

A promotional album released on vinyl by Capitol Records, SPRO-8955/6. It contains an edited version of Words From The Wise in which 1:15 has been cut after the first 2:35.

Track List

Side 1:

  1. Dr. Hook - Clyde (Preview Cut)
  2. Moon Martin - Cadillac Walk (LP Cut Remix)
  3. Sammy Hagar - Young Girl Blues (LP Cut Edit)

Side 2:

  1. Gentle Giant - Words From The Wise (Single Edit)
  2. Moon Martin - Hot Nite In Dallas (Single Remix)
  3. Starz - Coliseum Rock (Single Edit)
  4. Aerial - If Only I Were Older (Single Remix)