Giant for an Hour

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Album Information:
Title: Giant for an Hour
Artist: various artists
Year: 2005
Type: official release
tribute album

The first GORGG CD of original music by Gentle Giant fans and GORGG attendees.

The title comes from the album Giant For A Day.


  1. Days in Cymru
  2. Suit Yourself
  3. Underture to a future Overture
  4. Death at Sea
  5. Lord Forrest
  6. Times and Miracles
  7. Arborea: Rising Wind • The Gathering • The Voyage • Land's
  8. The Briar Man
  9. George the Cat
  10. If a Tree
  11. After all these Years
  12. Craig-y-Nos
  13. Puppet Show
  14. Convergir
  15. Utopian Heights:Phantasm • Ascent • Ingress

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