Giant for Another Hour

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The second GORGG CD of original music by Gentle Giant fans and GORGG attendees.


  1. Let Truth Reveal the Beast
  2. As Young as I´m Old
  3. Eternal River
  4. Come to My Land
  5. Giantique Quartet
  6. Look Out John
  7. The Blitz
  8. Randy Searches
  9. November Twisted
  10. Giantique for a Day
  11. Fragile Hearts
  12. Adventures in Syncopia
  13. Giantique Giant
  14. House in November
  15. East and West
  16. Sarcastic Iconoclasts
  17. The Prince and the Fox
  18. From the Bottom of My Shoes
  19. Giantique Aspire
  20. A Farwell


As Young as I'm Old

Written by Adam Levin

Memories of old days are there in my brain
I hear the music long after it's played
I'm a dinosaur, they say, with my funny ways
but I live my life to be giant for a day

Don't play me new music, I cringe at the sound
I'm turning away, not turning around
I like the old songs still locked inside
bringing me comfort like an inmate's lullaby

All the new music, it sounds just the same
I live in the past but I'm not to blame
Why do you tell me that I lost my head
for nobody can give it back in the end

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