Giant Steps Forward

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Album Information:
Title: Giant Steps Forward
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 1994
Type: unofficial
live recording

About The Album

This album was recorded in Italy at the PalaEur in Rome, November 26, 1974. It was released by Reel Tapes.

The same recording has been officially released as Live in Rome 1974.

According to one listener, "the sound quality isn't great - it seems to have been taken straight from the mixing board, so the levels aren't balanced very well. But it's better than most of those bootlegs you here of Floyd and Zeppelin made from walkmans in the back of the audience. Some nice photos on the booklet, including an old black and white of the band playing with Phil on Saxophone."

According to another listener, the "sound quality is kind of harsh - balance isn't great. There's a buzz like an alarm that keeps going off during 'Cogs.' It seems to have been taken directly from the mixing board, so the taped bits are almost twice as loud as the band passages. It sounds better than many bootlegs you will hear, (many of which seem to have been recorded from the back row of a football stadium), but it still is not ideal. A very interesting document, though."

Track List

  1. Introduction (Giant) / Cogs in Cogs / Proclamation (The Introduction is just mellotron licks and choral voices, on tape.)
  2. Funny Ways
  3. The Runaway / keyboard solo (synthesizer on tape in the same style as Acquiring The Taste) / Experience
  4. Knots / acoustic guitar duet (The Boys In The Band) / The Advent Of Panurge (with recorder quartet solo)
  5. Nothing At All / Plain Truth (over a half an hour long - big jam in the middle, including lengthy drum and violin solos)